GG:LP, a 24hr charity livestream starts NOW!


GG:LP, a 24hr charity livestream

Now Live on Twitch.
Dillon may be passionate about Gamers Gift, but I believe I can raise more money to support the organization we built together.

I challenged him to this livestream because I know he'll fall asleep in the first 15 minutes while the rest of us raise money to support the people who need us!
I think Charles may have forgotten the last two 24 hour livestreams we did. If you want to join the team guaranteed to raise more money and come out victorious, join Team Dillon. 

I accepted his challenge because I'm confident I can raise more money for Gamers Gift. I will sell my car if it means seeing Charles lose the challenge and have to do one of our stretch goals.

The Rules.

Every $10 donated to one team, you get to set a rule for the other team. 

For example: If you want to see Dillon do 20 pushups everytime he drives a car in a video game, donate $10+ to Team Charles

Or, if you want Charles to sing Katy Perry every 2 minutes, you can donate $10+ to Team Dillon. 

The Scares.

Every donation made scares both of our hosts.

A loud and surprising notification will popup for every donation made. Are the hosts focusing on a puzzle in a video game? Why not send a screaming witch right at them.

The Stretch Goals.

Every time one team reaches a fundraising milestone, the other is punished. 

$150: Blind Candy Taste Test

          Winners gets to feed the loser mysterious food while they are blindfolded. 

$250 - Eat a Pumpkin

           Just like it sounds. Take a pumpkin and eat it! Yes, that means the skin.

$500 - Embarrassing Halloween Fashion Show

           We went shopping for eachother’s costumes. The losing team has to wear
           their costume for the rest of the livestream.

$750 - Halloween Smoothie

           The loser has to drink a glass of assorted flavors curated by the winning                     team.

$1,000 - Feel No Evil, Taste No Evil 
            The loser has to put their hand in a jar of...stuff. If they can't correctly guess                what's inside they have to eat it!

$15,000 - If the livestream raises a TOTAL of $15,000
            Dillon gets a tattoo of Charles' choosing. 

The Giveaways.

Join our Discord and show your support for #TeamDillon or #TeamCharles for a chance to win a $50 Steam Gift Card! 

Every $5's you donate enters you into a chance to win a giftbox from Logitech! 1 Pair of Headphones and 1 Mouse.

The Bottom Line.

All of the above are ways for us to give back to your generosity, but when it comes down to it this is all to raise money so Gamers Gift can continue serving our missing of using video games and technology to bring opportunity and excitement to people in unforunate situations.
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